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Prospective Basics: through the lens of shipping & logistics
How a Logistics VP Operations asks & answers questions with Prospective
Crypto Market Maker -- Prove us wrong
Delays in data-intensive process raise risk in ability to respond to market changes
Prospective: Architecture, Security and Data Access
Visualize, explore data by connecting directly to data sources from the browser
Prospective + S3: De-Swamping the Data Lake
Data discovery and exploration in S3
Prospective + Kafka: Match Made in Data Heaven
Visibility and decision making with fast moving data in Kafka
Browsertech Interview: WebAssembly for Data Analysis
Paul was joined by Andrew and Eric of Prospective to talk WebAssembly, Pyodide, and streaming real-time data visualization in the browser.
Market Simulation
A simple market simulation implemented in Perspective
Real-Time Bike Fleet Visualization
Prospective's platform, empowered by Webassembly, enables direct connection to Citibike's public API for real-time data without an intermediary server.
Analysis of Top Silicon Chip Companies
In the "Chip Wars" between USA & China, Nvidia leads in web engagement & market cap, Intel in revenue & workforce, and Qualcomm in patents. The semiconductor industry is dynamic & diverse.
Granny gets gold riding horses!
Equestrian sport stands out with older medalists, proving age is just a number in passion and skill.
Preparing data to be used in Prospective
Prospective (and Perspective) are great tools for visualizing data, but the data needs to be in a format that is supported by the tool.
Exploring Professional Bull Riding data
The unique nature of PBR—where the riders are always on defense and the bulls on offense—provides an interesting dataset.
Gaming: The Roblox Economy
Roblox has a vast virtual economy with millions of users creating thousands of new games and content every day. Let's explore it using Perspective!
Whoever Brings the Water, Brings the People
California's water system, serving 30M+ people and irrigating vast farmland, is a complex balance between supply, demand, and agriculture.
Empowering Data Enthusiasts to Convert Data into Visual Magic, Anywhere Data Exists
Revolutionizing data interpretation with a collaborative platform for real-time analysis and response. From data to visual magic.
Prospective's Seed Round
We raised $6M in our seed round!
Iconography & Illustrations
Using texture-based icons to story-tell the features of Prospective.
Transform & Visualize Your Data Locally
Prospective is a data visualization tool leveraging WebAssembly to visualize data in-browser,
Redesigning the Column Selector
We created a design system that can offer infinite visualizations of charts, graphs, and data sets, taking inspiration from Play Date's design.