Iconography & Illustrations

Using texture-based icons to story-tell the features of Prospective.
UI icons

Prospective is a powerful data visualization tool built off open-source software. Users can easily play with and shape their data, making gaining insights and story-telling large data groups straightforward.

The tool’s interface consists of mainly grayscale color and subtle textures to create a sense of depth without removing the data that sits upon it, helping the data shine. Inspired by the UI, we created icons to help market the different Prospective features and the company’s overall vision. Using this textured hash pattern gave the iconography and illustrations a special sense of depth and character, creating a unique identity to build from.

ui icons

We also carried this style over to other illustrations in the brand’s arsenal.

Prospective Design Partner
the team as robots
File type illustration
connect to your data anywhere
thanks for playing illustration