Visualizing Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

A dad researched Taylor Swift's albums and discovered they correspond to different eras, which helped him better prepare to discuss the topic with his daughters.

View the full screen version of the dashboard here.

Taylor Swift’s Eras tour is in full swing for those not tied into the Pop music scene. The TayTay fans in my house are eagerly prepping for their show. Setlist? Opening acts? Merch? What era are you wearing? 

Huh? What era are you wearing? Clearly, as a father to daughters, some research was needed.

I found this Taylor Swift Spotify Data and a list of albums. I recognize some of these; could they be eras? Interesting...

The albums “Reputation” and “Lover” are two of T-swift’s most popular but have very different energy levels. I expect a fair amount of dancing – did you know that “1989 and “Folklore are the most danceable? Nope, no idea.

Appreciating these insights is not groundbreaking, but as a dad, I’m much better prepared to answer what era you are wearing tonight at dinner.