Popular Baby Names – the ABCs

Dissecting baby names from the City of New York.

Data Source - Data.gov

The City of New York always has interesting data sets to investigate; the Popular Baby Names drew my data curiosity recently:

  • relatively large-ish data set
  • relatable ‘topic’ in baby names
  • interesting ‘fields’ in the data set

Popular Baby Names

Our first cut of the data,relatively straightforward looking at the Females and Males and By name views - generally expected breakout by gender and long tail of names.

But the Count by year

While the data’s a bit stale - latest seems to be from 2019 - the trend in total babies (see Count by year) from 2011 - 2019 looks like a fairly consistent and meaningful decline; from ~337k in 2011 to ~60k in 2019.

Alphabet of Names

Looking at the same data in a slightly different view and using a bit of Prospective product magic…

> create function upper(substring(“Child’s First Name”,0,1))

> Group by function

> Group by Child’s First Name

> Order by function (ascending) 

> Order by Count (descending)

> Size = Count (sum)

> Color = function (dominant)

Folks with names starting with A, E, J, L, M, or S are the most popular in the alphabet.